GSC Helper updated

Great news, we have new features for you! The GSC helper plugin was successfully updated. See what changed below.

Note: Check the FAQ in case you have any question. In this document, every question should be answered.

Version 1.2.2 | released 09. June 2024

1 Bugfix

  • Fixed the chart issue. Generating the chart should now work without the refresh 🙂

Version 1.2.1 | released 05. June 2024

1 Bug notification

  • Generating the chart sometimes fails despite being in the dates tab. We are working on a fix. For now, refresh the GSC dates tab before generating the chart.

Version 1.2 | released 30. May 2024

4 new features, see the details below.


  • Added „Query & date filter“ actions to the context menu, to quickly set pre-defined regEx filters. Accessible via right mouse button inside GSC
  • Added „Website context menu“ to open a website or URL in different Google Search Console reports. Accessible via right mouse button outside GSC
  • Enhancements for GSC deeplink (on the logo), like opening the page in a specific Google account or as domain property / url property. Define your preference in the options
  • New date related actions in both „Set dates“ and „Compare dates“ context menu. Accessible via right mouse button inside GSC

Version 1.1 | released 24. April 2024

2 new features, 2 bug fixes and 1 other item. See the details below.


  • Added date-related quick links to the context menu while you browse in GSC. Accessible via right mouse button
  • Added „Show table in full width“ in the options panel to show (all) GSC tables in maximum width instead of the narrow default GSC layout
New feature: Show the GSC table in full width and setting dates easily via context menu


  • Traffic visualization by e.g., month can now also be generated when logged-in into multiple accounts. So far, the extension tried to open in GSC
  • Fixed chart flickering when you hover the graph after changing the aggregation


  • Extension logo is now a transparent PNG 😀