GSC Helper browser extension

Google Search Console is a great tool, but misses some functionalities like:

  • View click performance data aggregated by month
  • Easily set date ranges according to your needs
  • Apply common filters to queries or URLs
  • Access Google Search Console with just a few clicks from everywhere

That’s why you need the free GSC helper extension for your Chrome browser. Get the extension now!

See GSC Helper in action

Visualize your performance data by weeks, months, or quarters

One of the most loved features of GSC Helper is the performance data visualization.

  1. Configure GSC performance report as you need it, especially set the time frame longer than 1 month
  2. Switch to „dates“ dimension in the performance report
  3. Click the plugin logo
  4. Adjust the time frame for the chart to your needs and see, e.g., monthly trends

The extension supports all GSC performance reports („Search results“, „Google News“ and „Discover“).

Visualize your GSC performance by week / month or quarter with just one click!

Easily set dates

Setting dates in Google Search Console can be painful. That’s why you can select common date periods with just one click. Perform a right mouse-button click and set dates with ease.

Set dates easily via the GSC Helper context menu

See the update news

Wondering how GSC Helper evolved over time? Check the update notes. All functions can also be viewed in the FAQ.

How does GSC Helper work?

Everything happens locally in your browser. By your demand, the plugin parses your source code and visualizes your GSC data just for you. No data is transferred to us. See the FAQ for more details.

Where can I get the plugin?

The plugin is available for Chrome. Get it from the official extension websites linked below!

How to use the plugin?

Most actions are performed by a right click and selecting your preferred action from the context menu. GSC helper has two different types of actions: „General website actions“ to open a page or domain in Google Search Console, and „GSC actions“, to easily set filters within Google Search Console.

On top of that, the extension logo acts as a short link to open the current page in GSC, or create a visualization of GSC data when clicked while browsing Google Search Console.

Whom to say thanks to?

Stephan Czysch is the creator of this free extension (connect on LinkedIn). He is a Berlin-based online marketing expert and founder of searchanalyzer. Searchanalyzer allows search professionals to create more insights into their current organic Google traffic and helps to optimize existing contents.