Google News Extractor browser extension

You are a News SEO or content writer? You want to know which articles are currently ranking for a keyword in the „Top stories“ section in Google Web search, Google News or on We got you covered!

Our free Google News Extractor (GNE) browser plugin extracts all relevant information from ranking articles and stores them in your clipboard! The plugin can also help you generate new content ideas.

See Google News Extractor in action

Extracting information about a ranking article is super easy:

  1. Perform your search on Google web search, Google News or on
  2. Click the plugin logo
  3. Paste the extracted data into a spreadsheet or any other tool you like

Where can I get the plugin?

The plugin is available for Chrome and for Firefox. Get it from the official extension websites linked below!

Firefox Logo

How to use the plugin?

As mentioned above, perform your search and press the plugin logo (tip: pin it by clicking on the puzzle symbol in your browser). You should see a notification if the extract is successful.

The plugin currently supports

  • Google Web search
  • Google News search

The data is stored in your clipboard. Head over to, e.g., Microsoft Excel and paste your data in there. Keep in mind that every time you copy something else, the clipboard content gets overwritten! So paste your data in the storage of your choice.

What’s in the extract?

In short: We extract all information which Google displays about an article. That’s the current list:

  1. Position
  2. search
  3. section-heading for the results
  4. publisher-name
  5. domain
  6. article-url
  7. snippet-with-image (yes or no)
  8. article-headline
  9. article-preview
  10. published
  11. extracted from
  12. link
  13. date
  14. time

The header line tells you what data points you are currently looking at.

Whom to say thanks to?

Stephan Czysch is the creator of this free extension (connect on LinkedIn). He is a Berlin-based online marketing expert and founder of searchanalyzer. Searchanalyzer allows search professionals to create more insights into their current organic Google traffic and helps to optimize existing contents.

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